Our Wines

Blanc du Bois


Blanc du Bois was devoloped by the University of Florida to be a premium white wine grape that would grow well in the hot, humid south. Blanc du Bois has a slight citrus nose wtih undertones of peach and apricot.

Chill this beauty to a crisp 45 degrees. This fun white pairs great wtih popcorn, cauliflower crust pizza and crab & pesto linguini. 



Firewater was vinted using our Blanc Du Bois grapes. Then oaked in a blend of French and American oak for two years prior to bottling. This ambered colored gem with it’s caramel nutty flavor would pair well with fruit based or caramel desserts. Think peach cobbler! 

Thirlled for this girl to have been grown, produced, loved and bottled right here at The Goat! Estate wines always excite us! If you’re not into dessert, this beauty caresses an Arturo Fuente Don Carlos or Ashton Virgin Sun Grown cigar just beautifully. Draw in the smooth flavor of either these two fine cigars, let it rest on your palate, slowly exhale the pure goodness of the stick. Breathe in the aroma of our Firewater. Let it linger in the back of your mind momentarily as you take in a lushious sip. Allow the caramel notes to tickle your lips and the nutty follow will tie it altogether. This is Firewater.

Peachy Gringo

(White wine with natural peach flavor) 

This sweet white wine with natural peach flavor is perfect for a warm summer afternoon at the pool or on a porch swing.

Chill up this funky girl nice and cold. We get toasty hot here in east Texas during summer and we know how to cool down. Throw this in your Yeti and head to the lake. Take a few bottles; she goes down sweet and smooth. Not a lake fan? No problem. Relax inside with the air conditioner on high. When it’s time for supper, head out to the grill, thick slice ripe peaces and put them on the grill with dinner. When it’s time for dessert, slide your grilled peaches over a scoop of Homemade Vanilla, and add a splash of Peachy Gringo to your bowl. You’ll thank us later. 

Texas Blueberry Wine


This fruit wine was made from fresh blueberries that were locally sourced from Blueberry Hill Farms, in Edom, Texas. The berries were picked, sorted, cruhed and in the fermentation vats before the morning dew was dry. This smooth drinkable wine is bursting with red fruit, notes of vanilla and finishes well on the palate. Our Texas Blueberry Wine pairs perfectly on a warm afternoon with friends and charcuterie. No need to cook in a hot kitchen or stand over a firery grill. Imported meats, dry white cheeses and dark chocolate almonds ought to grace your board for this wine. Throw in frech focaccia, dried kiwi, spicey local pecans and your favorite spread to top it off. Cheers!


The grapes we used to produce this wine were 100% locally grown. A bold, full bodied Syrah with classic notes of smoke, black fruit and pepper spice. 

Pair this lucious beauty with east Texas Post Oak smoked spare ribs for a delicious Sunday supper. Spoil your friends with a lavish meal of rosemary & fresh garlic studded-leg of young lamb roasted to rare. Be sure and use the drippings to create a magical dipping sauce (de-glaze the roasting pan with a bit of this Syrah for an extra-special flavor).



A medium full bodied red with notes of pepper spice and Jammie red berries. Would be nice with barbeque meats beef and pork.

You don’t have to worry about our Zin being overpowered by the food, as her peppery aroma and flavor pairs fabulously well with the smoky, peppery characteric of BBQ sauce! Our Zin is hearty and it just loves meat. Be sure to add chili & lime to your grilled corn for this meal…this Zin kills it with this combo!


(Dry) Texas Red Wine

This full bodied red was produced from locally sourced grapes. The wine has moderate tannins and note of red fruit. 

Tempranillo is a robust grape and has after tastes od dry leaves, tobacco, dill and woody qualities. Pair this big boy with a grilled salmon salad! Be sure to pop ths bottle into the fridge to chill; take it out for an hour before serving as it is best cooled to 60-68 degrees. Don’t forget to pour it into a decanter to breathe!

Cabernet Sauvignon

This medium bodied red was produced from locally sourced grapes and aged in a blend of French and American oak. You’ll LOVE our dark fruit flavors of cassis, blackberry and rich, sweet black cherry. On the back of your tongue, you’ll notice spicey notes of green bell pepper, along with tobacco, wood, and vanilla from the oak. This fabulous wine will pair nicely with a Waygu blue-grilled ribeye or a mid-week double-decker cheese burger! Enjoy!



This grape variety which was introduced in 1904 by T V Munson has been “rediscovered and is rapidly gaining popularity in Texas. Lomanto wine is silky smooth on the palate with very nice on the nose offering banana and current with a clean lingering aroma. It has a unique black color with blue highlights. 

We are very proud of our Lomanto Estate grown, produced and bottled wine! Her deep, inky color is exquisite in every light and is no stranger to a glass here at Green Goat. She’s one of the popular girls here at the Goat, and a personal favorite of owner Rip Cunningham. Lomato’s fruit forward notes, and smooth finish goes down easily with a rare grilled tri-tip and balsamic grilled veggies complimented by mushrooms. Heading to the lake for a picnic dinner? Grab a nice hunk of Humbolt Fog cheese, a handful of dried black figs and an Italian bagutte… you’re good to go! 

Texas Strawberry Wine

This sweet white wine, with natural strawberry flavor, is perfect for a warm summer afternoon at the pool or on a porch swing. This full-bodied wine is an excellent balance of creamy strawberry and rich floral notes. We Texans are known for our LOVE of sweet wine and this will not disappoint. The slight mineral undertones balance the sweetness of our beautiful rosé-colored wine. Chilled or only slightly cool, the choice is yours. Either way, Green Goat Texas Strawberry Wine will bring a smile to your lips!

Cabernet Franc


This medium-bodied red was produced frmo locally sourced grapes. The wine has moderate tannins and note of raspberry, cherry and black currants.

Looking for wine to pair with appetizers? Look no further. Our Cab Franc goes swimmingly with pine nut and roasted garlic hummus, marinated artichokes, imported salametti, caprese salad…etc…moreover, our Cab Franc knocks it out of the park when paired with woodfired pepperoni pizza! Mangia!

Bo Peep

Bo Peep lost her sheep because she was in the winery vinting this fine Lomanto wine. But like her sheep, you’ll come back wagging your tail behind you!

Bo Peep is grown, produced and bottled from our own estate Lomanto grapes. We are thrilled with this top shelf wine and now you will be too. Full bodied, she holds a cast of mysterious flavors with after notes of long, smooth fall leaves and leather. Light up a Padron and sip this sexy bottle of wine around a crackling campfire and yes, she compliments s’mores delightfully. Lose yourself in a glass and forget the worries of the day with Bo Peep.


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